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  1. cloakandshoot said: ( shh, you’re wonderful *pets* take as long as you need, dear, and I hope you feel better )
  2. sirena-mares said: (Take a breath, sweetie, no one is releasing hell hounds after you. XD At least not me. And why would I? I’m a mess too. If you ever need help writing a reply, you know you can always ask me for ideas and help. I’ll be more than glad to help you out)
  3. blindfaithnisha said: [*is never upset* Just so you know. ]
  4. x-purgatorydancer said: [[SHHHHHH WE LOVE YOU]]
  5. vasfishbowl said: [[just take your time ok, you’re excellent!]]
  6. xenobirdologist said: [[SHH SHH NO, we love you ok? Just feel better ;w;]]
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